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Student Work

Kindness Embroidery Installation

At IES Länna, the practice of being kind is made a priority. While studying art of embroidery, Year 6 students researched and chose a quote revolving around the theme of kindness and helping spread its ideology throughout the school. Each student chose a quote that  resonated with them and depict a positive message for our school. Students were exposed to new materials including an embroidery hoop, embroidery thread, and a loose knit canvas. Students learned and mastered many embroidery stitches including the backstitch, running stitch and satin stitch to complete their designs.

Student Work

Clay Tiles

In this project, Year 5 students explored and studied examples of ceramic tiles that cover facades of buildings in the streets of Lisbon, Portugal. We spoke about the histories of the city, including the destructive earthquake that occured in 1755. We discussed how the the designs, patterns and colors of the tiles helped rebuild the city’s confidence after the disastrous event. Each student designed a tile that, if given the chance, they would cover a building with. We used air dry clay to form the tile squares and acrylic paint to achieve their designs.