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Årets chef 2019 i Huddinge kommun: Mrs. Julie Kelly

Årets chef 2019 i Huddinge kommun: Mrs. Julie Kelly

IES Länna’s beloved principal, Mrs. Julie Kelly, was honored by Huddinge kommun as Årets chef 2019 (Leader of the Year 2019) on March 5, 2020.

Mrs. Kelly was one of three finalists for Manager of the Year. During the autumn term, parents, students, and colleagues could nominate teachers and school leaders they believed had gone above-and-beyond during the previous year. A jury of local politicians selected finalists who were celebrated at a gala where the winners were announced.

Mr. Pajouhi, IES Länna’s IT Coordinator, and Ms. McCabe, Year 4 math and science teacher, attended the gala with Mrs. Kelly. 

“I met Mrs. Kelly in January of 2019. She had traveled to Canada to look for potential teachers to come work at IES Länna. I knew very little about Sweden, IES, teaching or living in another country but what I did know was that having Mrs. Kelly as a leader meant I would be okay,” Ms. McCabe recalls. 

“Now, here I was, a year later watching her accept the award for Årets chef. In that moment, the rest of the audience got to see what I already knew. They got to see a woman who leads by example, a leader who has created and works hard to maintain an environment where staff and students feel respected, safe and welcome everyday.”

“Mr. Kelly was very stressed. I have never seen her that stressed before!” Mr. Pajouhi said about the evening. “I kept joking with her that she needed to prepare her speech because she was going to win, and she kept saying no! But I knew she was going to win so I moved to get a better angle of the stage to take pictures.”

Although the award ceremony seems like it was a long time ago (and a lot of world-changing things have happened since then), make sure you congratulate Mrs. Kelly again. She truly is the best principal and IES Länna is lucky to have her as our leader.

You can read Huddinge kommun’s article in Swedish here.

The Year 4 Student Intake Process is Complete.

The Year 4 Student Intake Process is Complete.

Kära vårdnadshavare,

Vi har nu avslutat antagningsprocessen för höstterminen 2020. Vi har fyllt alla platser i årskurs 4. Om några förändringar sker innan skolstart i augusti eller under läsåret kontaktar vi personen som står näst i kö.

Ni behöver inte ansöka igen om ert barn inte fått en plats. Er ursprungliga ansökan sparas och överförs till nästa årskurs i slutet av läsåret 2020-2021. Vi skickar även ut ett formulär våren 2021 då ni får bestämma om ni vill stå kvar i kön.

Tyvärr kan vi inte ge ut vilket könummer barnet har eller hens ungefära köplacering eftersom kön kan ändras dagligen (p.g.a. syskonförtur, m.m.).

Med frågor, vänligen kontakta skolan på 08-20 90 15 eller mejla oss


Dear guardians,

We have officially closed the student intake process for the 2020 autumn term. We have filled all spots in Year 4 starting this fall. We will contact the next person in the queue only if changes occur before the first day of school in August or during the school year.

If your child does not receive a spot, you do not need to apply again. Your original application will be saved and transferred to the next grade at the end of the 2020-2021 school year. We will send out a questionnaire during the spring 2021 where you can choose if you want to remain in the queue.

We can unfortunately not give out which queue spot the child has or their estimated number in the queue since the queue is fluid and can change daily (ie. due to sibling preference).

If you have any questions, please contact the school at 08-20 90 15 or email us at

From the Principal

Are you our new Swedish teacher?

Are you our new Swedish teacher?

At IES Länna, we always strive for the best. And that includes finding the absolute best teachers in every subject.

We are currently looking for Swedish teachers in both mellanstadiet and högstadiet. These teachers must be enthusiastic, team-oriented and focused on building relationships with students. 

We have been told that we are not a normal school. This is true. If you're looking for a different sort of workplace, come check us out. We'd love to show you around.

See our current team here and email me, Principal Julie Kelly at, if you're interested in finding out more.


From the Principal

Focus on Values

Focus on Values

At IES Länna, we focus on what to do. Not on what not to do.

I guess this all stems from scientific research about how the brain retains information, but for me, it goes back to lågstadiet for me when I was seven or eight years old and in music class with Mr. McConnell. I still remember how he told us that he would always tell us what to do because our brains would create a picture of those words and we would remember that picture. "Hang your coat on the coat rack," for example. He explained to us that our brains had trouble with the words "not" or "don't" and couldn't create that picture as clearly if those words were used. "Don't leave your coat on the floor" fleft a picture in our brains of a coat (important word) on the floor (important word). The "don't" wasn't retained by our brain because it was hard to create a picture of that word.

I guess this is what I had in mind when I started IES Länna and focused on what to do rather than on what not to do. Yes, we have rules. Yes, there are things that we will not do at our school (use our phones, chew gum, act disrespectfully, etc.). But we focus on our values and living up to them rather than creating a list of all the things we don't do.

Now our values are clearly shown on a wall everyone passes every day. And we painted them together. Because our values are what will help us all know exactly what to do when faced with uncertainty or indepenedence.

From the Principal

Junior Leadership at IES Länna

Junior Leadership at IES Länna

At IES Länna, we have a strong focus on values. We're also very focused on leadership, especially this academic year where our mantra has been "Be a Leader." And in September 2019, we found a way to combine both.

Our Junior Leadership Program was launched in mid-September with our first Junior Leaders being from Year 5. One student was chosen from each class to be "Junior Leader" for a day. Throughout the morning, students completed tasks around the school, including cleaning, picking up trash on the schoolyard, assisting with administrative tasks, helping teachers and making the school environment in general a more positive and pleasant place to be. In the afternoon, Junior Leaders each took charge of a Year 4 classroom and acted as a "mentor," assisting the teacher (especially with Swedish language support) and helping students who needed an extra set of hands or a question answered. In order to Junior Leader, Year 5 students needed to exhibit our four core values: respect, safety, hard work and honesty. 

The spring term has been Year 4's turn to "Be a Leader" as they have been guided into the program by last term's Junior Leaders in Year 5. We don't believe leadership should have an age requirement. Some of our most positive and influential leaders have come from our youngest year groups!

As we reflect on the Junior Leadership Program, we can clearly see our four core values in action:

Respect: Students must show each other respect as they work with teammates they don't necessarily know well. Since the students come from three different classes, they must get to know each other quickly in order to work as a team throughout the morning. Junior Leaders also learn to respect their environment even more as they improve the physcial space we occupy each day and notice how we can influence that as individuals, whether we are Junior Leaders that day or not.

Safety: Junior Leaders find unsafe and potentially dangerous things around the school and schoolyard and report directly to administration so no one is hurt.

Hard Work: Junior Leaders need to work hard and manage their time wisely as they are given tasks and a time frame in which to complete them. 

Honesty: Since they are working around the school as a team and are not with their supervisor at all times, Junior Leaders must be honest about the work they are completing and what they are doing even if no one is specifically watching them at every moment. 

We are so proud of our Junior Leaders and the difference they have made, not only in the day during which they are Junior Leaders but every day they embody these values in our school and community. You truly lead by example!