Student Work


Here are a variety of microorganisms students have identified under a light microscope. The samples were prepared from the pond water next to school. This shows us that a single drop of this water contains a thriving ecosystem, even in harsh weather conditions.

- Mr. G

Home Ec: Empanadas

Empanadas are stuffed pastries that are very popular in South America. These often have a slightly sweet dough--sometimes they are even sprinkled with powdered sugar, that works as a perfect contrast to the savory filling.

They can be baked or fried; typically large enough to be a meal, but can also be made into a small, appetizer-size version.

Year 9 HKK chose three different styles of empanadas: 

Group 1: Argentinian Style, accompained by Pico de Gallo, a spicy Mexican tomato dip.

Group 2: Brazilian Style, acompained by a Chili sauce.

Group 3: Colombian Style, accompained by a lime. 

They were all delicious. Students enjoyed them. And the HKK teacher is SO proud of them! 

Mr. Ulloa

Science Gallery Walk

Mr. Flessert’s year 8 students did a gallery walk of projects they have been working on in science. They have picked an action in energy, society, the environment, and sustainability which they believe that individuals, communities, or countries should carry out to make our lives more sustainable. They've written about these on posters and they gave small speeches to other students and teachers.

Master Chef Competition

Ms. Vachon’s and Mr. Ulloa’s year 6 and 7 students had a sweet time in Home Economics class during week 47!

They made delicious desserts, competed with each other in a Master Chef competition and were judged by IES Länna’s professional staff.

Spanish Board Games

Congratulations all of you Spanish Year 9 for the hard work on this project!

I saw you having fun when creating your own Spanish Board Games, and I also saw your happy faces while playing!

This checkpoint undoubtly exceeded my expectations!

-Mr. Ulloa