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Thank you for donating!

The Year 7 Choice class, Give Back, would like to thank everyone who donated items to the Charity Clothing Collection Project!

If you stopped by Reception at any time the past few weeks, you probably noticed the big pile of bags under the stairs. We received so many donations - a much larger amount than expected - that it's taken over three carloads to bring everything to the Red Cross! The entire staff is so impressed with the IES Länna community - THANK YOU!


Charity Clothing Collection Project

We in the IES Länna Year 7 Choice Class have been collecting clothes for children who need them more than we do.

Our project is called Charity Clothing Collection Project and we have been collecting clothes from October 15, 2018 to October 26, 2018.

All the collected clothes are given to the Red Cross (Röda Korset) in Trångsund. These donations give children that do not have the same chance as us to buy new clothes. Every piece of clothing is important and could change other people’s lives. Just to wear a warm jacket when it is cold outside makes a difference for a child and we are very thankful for everyone who has helped us to collect clothes for people who need it more than we do.

You can always donate clothes to the Red Cross and keep having a positive impact on other people’s lives.

Thanks to all of you who have been a part of our Charity Clothing Collection Project.

-Alice 7A

Baby Clothing project - Year 9 spring term 2014

  • Student
    Dresses made of worn out shirts in 100% cotton

Students made baby clothes from fabric from old clothes.
Old clothes we used:
# Jeans
# Shirts
# T-shirts

The project resulted in:
Dresses, bodys, trousers and one pieces that are going to be sent to an orphanage in Senegal, Africa.

Street Art

Year 9 has used stenciling techniques inspired by street art to create unique paintings.

The subject matter was completely their choice.