FAQ about Admissions

How can I apply?

Apply in just three steps:

  1. Click Join the Queue.
  2. Choose the school you want to apply for. (Every school has its own queue. You can place your child in the queue from February 1st the year after they were born.)
  3. Fill in the form including your details and those of your child so that we can stay in touch and let you know if a place becomes available.
How does the admission process work?

Our intake procedure is solely designed to ensure that students are enrolled in a fair and proper manner.

Applications for admission may only be submitted through our website. Once the application form is received, it will be dated and you will be assigned a place in line. Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis.

When your application is registered, you will receive an automatic confirmation email with login information. Offers of admissions are sent out via email and through the post. It is therefore important to keep your contact information up-to-date. To login to your application, go back to the portal on our website and click “login” in the upper-right-hand corner of the page. If you have lost your confirmation email or forgotten your login information, you can send yourself a new password by entering your child’s personal number and the email you entered in the application. You can log on to change details such as your address, email, and phone number, but not Start Year nor Grade. If you would like to change those, please contact Administration.

Every IES school has its own, separate queue. Admission is done based on the date of application. Therefore, the earlier you apply, the greater the chance of admission. The only priority we give in our queue is to siblings of students who already attend our school (see below: What is sibling priority?).

We only admit a full class (total of 96 students) for Year 4. For the older year levels (5-9), we can only offer individual places if a student decides to leave our school (leaving an open slot). The process of admission for Year 4 begins in January when the child is in Year 3.

What year groups are offered?

We have 3 parallel classes in each year group from years 4 to 9.

Can I apply from outside Sweden?

Because of the way that we are funded, we are only able to offer education to students registered as living in Sweden. You can apply for a place for any student who has a Swedish national identity number (personnummer), even if they have not yet moved back to Sweden. If you do not yet have a Swedish national identity number but are moving to Sweden and would still like to apply, please contact Administration.

Does it cost anything to attend your school?

No, it does not cost anything to attend our school. There are no tuition fees. Funding comes from the “skolpeng,” or school subsidy, allocated to schools that are approved by “Skolverket,” the Swedish National Agency for Education.

Do you test your students prior to admission?

There is no exam or test for your child to pass if they would like to learn at an IES school. Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

What if we decline an offer and then change our mind? Will my child still be eligible for admission?

No, if you decline to accept the place offered, your place will go to another student. You will need to apply again by contacting Administration. Your queue date will be changed to the date of your new application.

My neighbor’s child was recently offered a place in the school and we were not, even though we applied much earlier.

There are two possible explanations for this occurrence:

  1. They have an older child in the school so the younger child has sibling priority. They then go to the front of the queue, even if the child was only recently registered.
  2. Many years may have passed since the initial registration and it is not unusual for families to forget when they registered their child, or even if they did register their child in the queue.
Could you tell me what my child’s queue number is and the likeliness of them getting a place?

Queue numbers change daily and it can be extremely difficult to determine whether or not a child is likely to be offered a place.

The queue is affected by activating sibling priority and by people moving or choosing another school.

We understand that you would like to know as early as possible whether your child has a place. However, it is difficult to give a precise answer before the school completes the intake process. We offer places based on the date on which students joined the queue, but also consider whether they will have a sibling in the school at the same time (syskonförtur).

Can I apply to more than one school?

Each IES school is independent and has an independent queue. If you are interested in a place in more than one school we recommend you place your child/children in the queue for each school.

What is sibling priority?

Sibling priority means that the second child is prioritized in the queue. In other words, if you have a child in school and a second child in the queue then they get moved to the top right away.

Sibling priority is only valid as long as the older child is attending IES Länna when the second child starts.

It is the responsibility of the parents to apply for sibling priority.

What is “Free time school”?

Please see our page about Junior Club for more information.




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Further inquiries? Contact the IES Länna Administration office.

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