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Welcome to Spring 2020, Where We Lead By Example!

Welcome to Spring 2020, Where We Lead By Example!

One of my favorite things about IES Länna is our students' engagement. I've never experienced anything like it. Each day, I observe examples of our students taking leadership roles in the school, usually from their own initiative. We've been back at school for less than a week, and here are just a few things I have seen and heard personally from our student body:

-"We think our schoolyard could be cleaner. Can we start a club to pick up trash?"

-"I know prom is a year and a half away, but we'd like to start planning. Here are some ideas I have."

-"I didn't make that mess, but I'll clean it up."

-"I saw you sitting by yourself, and you always tell us to notice others and make them feel welcome. Can I sit with you?"

-"I have some ideas about how we could find more seating for when we have breaks."

We work very hard on our academics during the lessons, but we work equally hard developing students who take initiative, find creative solutions to problems, and are constantly looking for ways to make our environment better.

IES Länna students, I am constantly in awe of your passon, your spirit and your tenacity. Together, we will do great things! Thanks for leading by example! 

Student Work



Here are a variety of microorganisms students have identified under a light microscope. The samples were prepared from the pond water next to school. This shows us that a single drop of this water contains a thriving ecosystem, even in harsh weather conditions.

- Mr. G

Student Work

Home Ec: Empanadas

Home Ec: Empanadas

Empanadas are stuffed pastries that are very popular in South America. These often have a slightly sweet dough--sometimes they are even sprinkled with powdered sugar, that works as a perfect contrast to the savory filling.

They can be baked or fried; typically large enough to be a meal, but can also be made into a small, appetizer-size version.

Year 9 HKK chose three different styles of empanadas: 

Group 1: Argentinian Style, accompained by Pico de Gallo, a spicy Mexican tomato dip.

Group 2: Brazilian Style, acompained by a Chili sauce.

Group 3: Colombian Style, accompained by a lime. 

They were all delicious. Students enjoyed them. And the HKK teacher is SO proud of them! 

Mr. Ulloa

Update about Intake, Year 4 2020

Update about Intake, Year 4 2020

The first offers of spots in Year 4 for the 2020-2021 school year will be sent out on Tuesday, January 7, 2020. Families of students receiving an offer will be contacted by post, followed by email.

We have around 700 people in the queue for Year 4, but there are only 96 spots available. We will contact the first 96 people in the queue (who either have sibling priority or the earliest application date); if we get a negative reply we will contact the next person in the queue, and so on. The intake process will continue until all spots are filled.

If you believe you need to update your contact information (address, phone number, or email address), please email the Administration Office at You can otherwise find answers to frequently asked questions about the queue here.

Thank you for your patience.


Tisdagen den 7 januari 2020 kommer vi att skicka ut erbjudanden om platser till åk 4 läsåret 2020-2021. De elever som erbjuds plats kommer att bli kontaktade via brev samt ett uppföljande email.

Vi har runt 700 personer i kön men endast 96 platser. Vi kontaktar de första 96 personerna i kön, (vilka har syskonförtur eller det tidigaste ansökningsdatumet). Om någon tackar nej till den erbjudna platsen kontaktar vi personen näst på tur i kön och fortsätter på det sättet tills att alla 96 platser är fyllda. Processen kan pågå under flera veckor.

Om ni har ny kontaktinformation (adress, telefonnummer eller mailadress) måste ni uppdatera den, var snäll att i så fall skicka ett email till:

Svar på vanliga frågor om kön hittar ni här.

Tack för ert tålamod.

Student Work

Science Gallery Walk

Science Gallery Walk

Mr. Flessert’s year 8 students did a gallery walk of projects they have been working on in science. They have picked an action in energy, society, the environment, and sustainability which they believe that individuals, communities, or countries should carry out to make our lives more sustainable. They've written about these on posters and they gave small speeches to other students and teachers.