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Spring Update from Mrs. Kelly

Spring Update from Mrs. Kelly

Dear parents and guardians,

Thanks for all your support during these past months! We have seen tremendous growth and progress in our students, and it is thanks to your support and positivity at home. We love working with you!

Please continue watching our "Tuesday Talks" on YouTube so you can reinforce the topics and messages we discuss at school. They are usually on one of our four core values: respect, hard work, safety and honesty.

As we end our first year, we begin to plan our second. We will grow from 410 students (13 classes in grades 4-8) to 510 students (16 classes in grades 4-9). We will only add classes in grade 4 with the new students coming in. We will also fill empty places in the other classes, so if you have plans to move or change schools we would appreciate knowing that as soon as possible.

Plans for skolavslutning will also be shared soon so you can plan accordingly.

Please note that I will not be approving leave for students that is over three days. If you have an issue, please contact me directly and we can discuss it.

Lastly, reception will be open from 8.00 to 16.00 each day, and the phone number is: 08-20 90 15.

Thanks for everything you do to support your child. We appreciate it so much. Glad påsk!


Julie Kelly


Student Work

"Trick Shot" by 5th Graders!

"Trick Shot" by 5th Graders!

During Ms. Spences-Lee's year 5 choice class, titled "What's Trending?", students have the chance to show, discuss, and participate in what is actually trending. This Friday, students had the opportunity to choose a challenge to record and share. There were several different challenges ranging from environmental to straight up silly - like this one! 


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PTA Möte

PTA Möte

Den 2 april kl. 18-19 berättar PTA vad som är på gång och hur du som förälder kan hjälpa till. Kom och lyssna och fika med PTA och Elevrådet i en timme!

Just nu har vi två stora aktiviteter på gång för alla studenter i Länna skola som omgående kräver att vi har resurser som kan bidra på olika sätt - som förälder och elev.

Har du frågor kan du maila till eller kontakta: Monia Stavrum, Chairwoman, 073-684 71 14 alt. Cecilia Lindberg, Secretary, 070-728 43 53.

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Junior Handball Inter-School Tournament Winners

Junior Handball Inter-School Tournament Winners

On Tuesday the 12th of March 2019 the mixed-junior Länna team participated in a Handball Tournament.

It was hosted at Sätrahallen in Skärholmen.

Four IES schools participated: Årsta, Skärholmen, Bromma and Länna.


We played a round-robin style tournament. Each school played three games and Länna winning all of them.

The Länna team then played a semi-final, winning their game and going through to the Final.

Länna played Årsta in the final and proceeded to win thus winning the tournament.

The Länna team played their hearts out and showcased their amazing skills and talent.


We look forward to participating in the next Handball tournament.

Congratulations on your fine efforts team!


The Länna team was made up of eleven players: Viktor 5A, Jack 5A, Ruben 5C, Alma 6A, Lisa 6A, Linus 6B, Isac 6B, Viggo 6B, William 6B, Victor 6C, Felix 6C.

"God Morgon Huddinge" at Internationella Engelska Skolan

"God Morgon Huddinge" at Internationella Engelska Skolan

We were honored to host the “God Morgon Huddinge” event at IES Länna on Friday. 

Entrepreneurs, service businesses, politicians, municipality’s members and many others were in this amazing breakfast meeting. 

Mrs. Kelly talked about the perspectives and our school’s beliefs and values and how we can be a positive impact on the future society. 

To learn more and watch the event’s video, please visit the Arena Huddinge page or watch the recording of the event below:


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