Introducing IES Länna's House Competition

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Introducing IES Länna's House Competition

This year at IES Länna we will be introducing our very own house competition. The purpose for this is to raise school spirit outside of classroom learning and develop fun and healthy competition amongst students and staff (possibly even families). There is a big emphasis on participation ; for students to have the opportunity to try a range of academic, sporting and cultural events throughout the year. There will also be theme days in which students are able to dress in theme and earn points for their house. 

Each student and staff member has been randomly placed in one of the four houses (a big thank you goes to Ms Unander-Scharin for her time put into the placement of everyone). Each house has a primary colour; red, blue, yellow and green and while they are not named yet, the very first house competition is for the students to design the house logos with a connected name based on a native Swedish animal. We wanted this to be a way for students to take ownership and feel connected to their houses.

We encourage families to get involved and encourage the participation from students for the theme days and events as they come throughout the school year.

We will send out more information and dates of theme days and events but if you have any specific questions feel free to contact me via email.

Thanks for your support within this exciting new area of our school.


Joel Bernet

House Competition Facilitator