IES Länna Welcomes Year 3!

IES Länna Welcomes Year 3!

Exciting news from IES Länna...we will be welcoming Year 3 in August! We have two new Year three classes joining us next term. Offers have been sent and staff have been hired, and we are so excited to welcome more students to the family.

It’s a new adventure for all of us, and more information will come soon. Until then, here are some answers to frequently asked questions:


Do I need to apply again if my child is already in the queue to start in Year 4?

No. Our administrators have or will send out information about changing to a different start year, so please make sure your contact details are correct.


Why is IES Länna opening Year 3?

We have known since we saw the building plans for IES Länna that the school would not be at full capacity with 18 classes. We have chosen to fill our school with two Year 3 classes so we can give students a jump-start at English and IES routines.


How many new classes will there be?

We will take in 2 classes of Year 3 and 3 classes in Year 4 in August 2021. After that, each year we will take in 2 new Year 3 classes and add a class in Year 4. All in all, we will have two parallel classes in Year 3 and three parallel classes in the rest of the school.


My child will be starting in Year 3 in August. When will I get more information?

The leadership team at IES Länna will host a (digital) information session in May for families who have places for August in Year 3. Stay tuned for more information!