Focus on Values

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From the Principal
Focus on Values

At IES Länna, we focus on what to do. Not on what not to do.

I guess this all stems from scientific research about how the brain retains information, but for me, it goes back to lågstadiet for me when I was seven or eight years old and in music class with Mr. McConnell. I still remember how he told us that he would always tell us what to do because our brains would create a picture of those words and we would remember that picture. "Hang your coat on the coat rack," for example. He explained to us that our brains had trouble with the words "not" or "don't" and couldn't create that picture as clearly if those words were used. "Don't leave your coat on the floor" fleft a picture in our brains of a coat (important word) on the floor (important word). The "don't" wasn't retained by our brain because it was hard to create a picture of that word.

I guess this is what I had in mind when I started IES Länna and focused on what to do rather than on what not to do. Yes, we have rules. Yes, there are things that we will not do at our school (use our phones, chew gum, act disrespectfully, etc.). But we focus on our values and living up to them rather than creating a list of all the things we don't do.

Now our values are clearly shown on a wall everyone passes every day. And we painted them together. Because our values are what will help us all know exactly what to do when faced with uncertainty or indepenedence.