Clarification: IES Länna planned for grades 4-9 in 2018.

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IES Länna is planned to start for grades 4-9 in August 2018.

While helping to promote our planned school in Länna, one of our partners has released information suggesting that the school will open for F-9 in 2018. To clarify, our plan is to open a 4-9 school in 2018, however we are interested in also providing education for younger students and that is why we have asked Skolinspektionen to grant us a license that would allow the school to educate students in grades F-9.

If there is enough parental interest, and if we find a suitable building, then we would consider opening up for younger years in the future.  However, for now the plan is only to run grades 4-9 in Länna.

If you would like to place your child in the queue for the school you can do so here:

Applying several years early will mean you have a better position in the queue, while also indicating to us how much interest there is among families with younger children.