Årets chef 2019 i Huddinge kommun: Mrs. Julie Kelly

Årets chef 2019 i Huddinge kommun: Mrs. Julie Kelly

IES Länna’s beloved principal, Mrs. Julie Kelly, was honored by Huddinge kommun as Årets chef 2019 (Leader of the Year 2019) on March 5, 2020.

Mrs. Kelly was one of three finalists for Manager of the Year. During the autumn term, parents, students, and colleagues could nominate teachers and school leaders they believed had gone above-and-beyond during the previous year. A jury of local politicians selected finalists who were celebrated at a gala where the winners were announced.

Mr. Pajouhi, IES Länna’s IT Coordinator, and Ms. McCabe, Year 4 math and science teacher, attended the gala with Mrs. Kelly. 

“I met Mrs. Kelly in January of 2019. She had traveled to Canada to look for potential teachers to come work at IES Länna. I knew very little about Sweden, IES, teaching or living in another country but what I did know was that having Mrs. Kelly as a leader meant I would be okay,” Ms. McCabe recalls. 

“Now, here I was, a year later watching her accept the award for Årets chef. In that moment, the rest of the audience got to see what I already knew. They got to see a woman who leads by example, a leader who has created and works hard to maintain an environment where staff and students feel respected, safe and welcome everyday.”

“Mr. Kelly was very stressed. I have never seen her that stressed before!” Mr. Pajouhi said about the evening. “I kept joking with her that she needed to prepare her speech because she was going to win, and she kept saying no! But I knew she was going to win so I moved to get a better angle of the stage to take pictures.”

Although the award ceremony seems like it was a long time ago (and a lot of world-changing things have happened since then), make sure you congratulate Mrs. Kelly again. She truly is the best principal and IES Länna is lucky to have her as our leader.

You can read Huddinge kommun’s article in Swedish here.