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IES Lucia

Länna’s Got Talent is over, and soon it will be “Luciadagen”!

We’re heading towards the darkest days of the year, but luckily, there are some traditions that help us cope with that. A couple of students, mostly 4th and 5th graders, have practised for our Lucia celebration since the end of the fall holidays. Bring some light to IES Länna!

IES Inter-school Football Tournament

On Wednesday the 5th of December the mixed senior Länna football team competed in an inter-school tournament with other IES schools. After joining the competition in the later stages, only having played together at the trial, and being a team consisting of mainly year 7’s - we were hoping to be competitive. The other schools participating were IES Äljvsö, Bromma, Kista, Liljeholmen & Täby and as it was the senior competition, their teams had students from year 7-9. Our team did an excellent job to get to the semi-final which they unfortunately lost, but they bounced back and won their third place playoff game. Congratulations to all the students involved in a fantastic team effort - Jonas D., Philip L., Andréa M., Alexandra B., Amanda H., Elliot S., David I., Nils B., Alvin G., & Blazej B. - our player of the tournament!

Career Day

On Wednesday the 21st of November, it was National Test day for the year 6’s. We decided to run a Career Day in conjunction with the test to give the students an insight into different career paths and options. Four lovely parents volunteered their time to come in and give presentations about their careers. A special thank you to Maria Teflioudi, Eva Östlund, Martina Brewitz and Mischal Oliver for excellent presentations that engaged the students. There was also activities that got the students moving and thinking about how each profession helps society. The feedback has been positive and we hope the students found value in it on a day that can be quite stressful.

PTA Board Interest Meeting

Any parents interested in being on the PTA board are welcome to a short meeting from 18.00 to 18.30 on Monday, December 17 (please note the change in date) in the mini aula. This meeting is only for parents who are interested in working with whole-school PTA work.

Wacky Hat Day

Make the craziest, wackiest hat and wear it inside(!) all day on Friday, November 30.

Prizes for "wackiest hat" will be awared.

All hats must be WACKY in some way, so don't just try to wear your regular stocking hat or baseball cap indoors. It must be wacky! Time will be provided during mentor time before the event to decorate and create.

With other questions, please see Mrs. Kelly, Mr. Ljung or Mr. Pruden.

Good luck!